Manor wines “Cremon”

Krimulda manor is a real oasis for gourmands, as the “Cremon” manor wines, liqueur and strong beverages are made here. 

Just like during the Krimulda manor period (from German: Schloß Kremon/Cremon), when work bustled in the manor’s buildings and there was a flurry of activity all around, the premises full of life and inviting to visitors. For some time now, the former barn has been transformed into winery “Cremon” – a small producer of select beverages, making wines and liqueur. 
“We have almost as many wines as there are berries and flowers in Latvia,” the manor’s winemaker Jānis Mikans proudly states. More precisely – about 15 kinds of wines and 10 liqueurs, as well as calvados and gin are being made her, though the range of beverages is expanded every year. The berries and flowers for the wines come from the manor’s gardens, local forests and growers. Every year “Cremon” takes part in Latvia’s fruit and berry wine shows. 

The manor wines can be acquired at the winery, the nearby store and café “Milly” (Mednieku street 5, Sigulda), as well as by ordering from the winery. 
“Cremon” wines can be enjoyed by booking a wine tasting or tour programme “Manor wine and biscuits”. The tour offers not only various beverages made at the manor, but also to learn about the local history and traditions. 
Over the years, the most popular “Cremon” products are the gently bitter dandelion wine, cranberry wine and the dreamy lilac wine. 

Winemaker Jānis Mikans
+371 28673502



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