At the Krimulda manor and the surrounding area there is plenty to do both for spontaneous guests and those who plan ahead, as here you can go on adventure on your own or book a tour with us.

Krimulda is an ideal base point – you can choose ten shorter or longer routes that start here. The manor’s park is located by the Gauja river valley, with hiking trails and stairs leading down.

The cable car station is located right near the manor, for easy crossing of the valley. Guests that have arrived on bicycles or cars can easily go on longer trips to the neighbouring towns.

The Krimulda area is unique in at least the Baltics, as there are three castles located here, each within a cannon shot’s distance from one another – the Sigulda castle, Turaida castle and the Krimulda castle. All three castles are cooperating – tourists can use the special three castle offer. 

We offer several exiting thematic tours around the Krimulda manor area. Learning about the life in the manor in the old days, exploring the park and the ancient castle ruins or visit the most significant marks of the bygone times while actively engaging in Nordic walking, you will see Krimulda even more vividly.        


Charm of the Krimulda manor. Tour for the curious (€40.00 per group)

An exciting tour around the historic centre of the Krimulda manor - medieval castle ruins, Krimulda’s Swiss house and the manor’s park. A walk around the manor building’s saloon, halls and rooms, stories about events and the fates of people at the Krimulda manor. 

Offer is meant for groups. Please contact us in advance by phone 29111619 or e-mail


When nature heals. A tour for the fatigued (€40.00 per group + €2 per person for herbal tea)

For fans of healthy lifestyle we offer to learn about the Krimulda manor as a place where even the nature and air heals. A great many people have regained their health in Krimulda. The tour is an opportunity to learn about medicinal herbs during a walk through the manor’s park and rooms and acquire information about the use of both wild and houseplants to benefit your health. Everyone will have the opportunity to taste the healing water of the Krimulda manor’s spring, as well as an invigorating herbal tea.

Offer is meant for groups. Please contact us in advance by phone 29111619 or e-mail


Manor wine and biscuits. Tour for gourmands (duration – 1.5h, €40.00 per group+ €8 (+VAT 21%) per person for wine tasting) 

A walk around the territory of the Krimulda manor with vivid stories rich in historic detail about the life in the manor throughout centuries, its economic activities and the cultural-historic and curative significance of home-made alcohol. The tour includes the stable, coach house, barn, smithy and other buildings of the manor complex, as well as the manor house itself and winery, where wines made there can be sampled together with small snacks – Charlotte’s biscuits. Learn the details of the recipes of the locally made beverages while reminiscing about the life in the Krimulda manor a hundred or two years ago.

Offer is meant for groups from 6 persons. Please contact us in advance by phone 29111619 or e-mail


Gardner’s story. Tour for city-dwellers (€40.00 per group)

A tour of the recently restored garden of the manor. Back in the days of the sanatorium, when children stayed in the manor for several months and even years, the manor’s manager Dace Vanaga-Mikane noticed that many children do not recognise greens and do not know how potatoes or herbs are grown. Over the years, the manor’s garden, where vegetables for the catering needs were grown, was restored and a tour along the furrows, greenhouses and orchards was created. Now both large and small visitors can walk along the flowerbeds, learn about seedlings and the most popular products of the manor period, as well as sample the new harvest.

Offer is meant for groups. Please contact us in advance by phone 29111619 or e-mail


Cultural-historical Nordic walking. A tour for the resolute (€5.00 per person for a group of no less than 5 people)

The Krimulda manor offers a Nordic walking tour that combines both healthy lifestyle and the emotions offered by the beautiful nature of the Gauja river valley. A guide is available to take hikers along interesting routes.

Offer is meant for groups. Please contact us in advance by phone 29111619 or e-mail


Cable car

The cable car takes you across the Gauja valley, offering scenic views, including those of the Sigulda, Turaida and Krimulda castles, as well as the bobsled and luge track. You can also experience bungee jumping or “fly” with the attraction “Zerglis” across the valley here.



Production of home-made alcohol has a long history and economic significance in manors – the alcoholic beverages were taken to the market and the funds obtained there allowed the manors to expand and build splendid buildings. In Krimulda too vodka, mead and wine were once made. Almost a century after the end of the manor era – in 2009 – Latvian winemaker Jānis Mikans placed the first bottle with wine made from the manor’s apple in the cellar to ferment. Over the years the nuances of winemaking have been thoroughly learned and the range – significantly expanded. “We have almost as many wines as there are berries and flowers in Latvia,” Mikans says. Now the harvest from the manor’s garden is not enough, so farmers form the local area are helping by supplying ecologically grown blackberries, raspberries, apples and other fruits and berries. 

When tasting the Cremon wines in the natural, historic environment, you will experience the glory of the times past. Here you will be able to see the subtleties of the winemaking process, enjoy the wonderful view of the Gauja river valley and to taste many varieties of wines. 

Wine tastings for groups of up to 30 usually take place at the winery itself, while tastinges for larger ones – in the manor’s hall. 
Tasting groups can pre-order also the “Master’s lunch” – a delicious multi-course meal.

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