Krimulda manor

One of the greatest modern treasures of the Krimulda manor is its educated, experienced and hospitable team. Our welcoming management personnel will always find the most suitable space and entertainment opportunities for your event, while the health centre’s procedures are performed by qualified physicians – rehabilitation and SPA services, massages and other procedures here are provided at the highest quality.


Dace Vanaga-Mikane
Manager of the Krimulda manor and head of the rehabilitation centre

Dace has been working at the Krimulda manor since 1993 – for so long that her colleagues joke that she has spent more time here than some members of the legendary von Lieven family. The comparison is not an exaggeration – in the 19th century the von Lievens actively improved the territory of the manor and the park, and over the more than quarter of a century that Dace has worked and lived in Krimulda, she has made many decisions without which the Krimulda manor would be very different. 
Dace is a physician by education. After her studies, she started working in her native town of Tukums, but later moved to Sigulda and worked at the Sigulda hospital and Allazi clinic. Later she applied for the competition for the position of chief physician at the Krimulda manor. 
As the head of the rehabilitation centre Dace had to gradually learn the fundamentals of business, drafting projects, construction management and interior design. However, Dace has maintained her medical skills over the years and refreshes and deepens her knowledge every five years. She is a qualified physical medicine physician and recently obtained an Ayurveda specialist diploma, which allows her to view the Western and Eastern medicine integrally. The new knowledge allows her to introduce new quality offers in the manor’s wellness and SPA centre. 

During the sanatorium period, the manor also had a school. Children up to 11th grade studied here, and Dace was also the principle of the school. “Every grade had a child in it. If there was one child from 11th grade and one from 10th, one teacher taught them together, but gave each tasks corresponding to their knowledge level. Recently I started to put the teacher’s room in order – it is a completely different world there. There are so many things there – books, furniture, various devices… Soon a museum will be opened in the manor, because people have great interest in the testimonies of the past – many are surprised by the beds the patients laid in, the devices that were used to straighten joints…”

Here in Krimulda Dace especially enjoys the beautiful nature everywhere and the romance of the manor’s park: “A special aura, peace and quiet. I would like to maintain it… A nice pond in the lake, a picturesque vista – that is the direction we are developing in. We and want the park to be as groomed as it was in the olden days – with a romantic bridge, pathways and swans.”

Ilona Abele
Certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and paediatrician

Ilona has many years of experience in rehabilitation of joint, bone, neurological and other diseases from her work with patients of all ages – from infants to adults.

Inara Tiruma
Medical nurse with specialisation in the field of water treatments and electroprocedures
Gunta Blusa
Certified specialist of physical medicine procedures
Svetlana Cera
Physiotherapist, has learned various types of massages, including ones for children and infants
Krista Hartmane
Physiotherapist, works with children and adults, both individually and in groups
Ella Timcenko
Certified physiotherapist, works with children and adults, both individually and in groups
Solvita Zemite
Certified art therapist, specialised in dance and movement therapy, works both individually and in groups