"Rehabilitācijas centrs Krimulda" Ltd., shop-cafe "Milly"

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Café Milly

One of the buildings of the manor complex is home to café Milly, named after a local cat. The establishment’s walls were painted by artist Janis Anmanis together with the children of the “Artistic Fantasy Academy” summer camp.

The menu of the café Milly is not very extensive, but fans of hearty Latvian meals, as well as vegetarians and children, will find something to enjoy. The store offers snacks and the Manor wines, made right here in Krimulda, which can be enjoyed in a pleasant company in your room or on a sunny terrace. 

The staff of Milly has received many kind words from surprised travellers that have crossed the Gauja river valley with the cable car, walked through the park and found the homey place to sit down, have a meal and discuss the impressions of the day. 

Meals are available individually and in groups. Milly can seat up to 40 persons. Table for conferences or celebrations can be arranged both traditional with seats or as a buffet.

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Working hours:

Work days: 9:00 – 18:00
Weekends: 11:00 – 18:00

Free WiFi is available at the cafe



Are you looking for a Luxurious feast in the style of barons? Would you enjoy gourmet appetizers in a banquet hall with a view of Gauja river valley? Would an Informal picnic in a romantic park in the shade of 200-year-old trees be more to your taste?
We would gladly plan a menu for weddings, conferences and other planned events to suits your taste. We offer both an appetizer menu and warm meals. 

It is possible to order group lunch, by informing about the number of guests and selecting foods in advance.

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Wine tasting

Surrender to the serenity of the Gauja river valley and enjoy the quintessence of Latvian flavours – the rich “Cremon” wines of the Krimulda manor. 

Local and foreign guests appreciate the fruit, berry and flower wines made here, at the Krimulda manor, and find them to be excellent. In addition, winemaker Janis Mikans is not only a master of his craft, but also a great storyteller, who enjoys sharing the secrets of wine making, showing the devices in the winery and explaining the creation process of each beverage and the nuances of their taste, telling about the wine cellars that are slowly filling up with stock, as well as about the life at the manor several centuries ago.

Manor wine and biscuits. Tour for gourmands

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