Manager of the Krimulda manor and head of the rehabilitation centre Dace Vanaga is an experienced physician who regularly adds to her knowledge. She has learned Ayurveda treatment methods and has visited Indian hospitals to exchange experience. The knowledge and skills gained have been implemented in practice – now Ayurvedic procedures have been included in the rehabilitation centre’s offer. 
Krimulda manor offers not only an authentic massage table brought from India, proper equipment and the highest quality oils, but also a truly deep understanding of the essence of each procedure. 

We have launched a cooperation with highly qualified Ayurvedic specialists from India, who sometimes accept patients in Krimulda themselves and systematically pass their knowledge on to the local masters – the staff of the rehabilitation centre. As a result of this cooperation, the Krimulda is slowly becoming a rural residence health resort, where you can not only receive quality Ayurvedic procedures, but also adapt a harmonious daily rhythm. Retreats and various yoga and healthy lifestyle events sometimes take place here, with walks, lectures and cooking together. You can choose Krimulda manor as the place for a retreat or a health camp organised by yourself.


We offer:

  • Abhyanga – full body massage - €50.00 (1 hour)
  • Svedana - diaphoretic chamber - €10.00 (15 min)
  • Consultation with Ayurveda physician - €50.00 (1 hour)


More information: +371 29111619 or veseliba@krimuldasmuiza.lv

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