Rehabilitation center "Krimulda" will now offer rehabilitation on Wednesday evenings to those who work

At the beginning of August, the rehabilitation center "Krimulda" will provide the services of a physiotherapist, masseur and various water treatments also in the evenings, so that the workers have the opportunity to take care of their health.

Certified physiotherapist Maija, who has also mastered medical taping, offers Sling therapy or NEURAC® to move the body, stretch muscles and take care of your back.

Ināra, an expert in water treatments, offers the opportunity to try one of the many types of healing - underwater massage, pearl, turpentine bath, etc.

Meanwhile, masseuse Daiga offers classic massages for both relaxation and improvement of back and whole body.

The procedures are especially recommended for workers who are sedentary, sitting at a computer or have a health problem, regardless of the type of work.

In August, evening treatments will only take place on Wednesdays, by appointment.

The day of the week of September, when it will be possible to pamper the body even after the working day, will be announced later.

Apply by writing to e-mail or by calling. 28304088