Paul’s room
Price: 50 €

Double room, 1 bed, €45.00 per day

This room with antique and aristocratic interior has been named after Paul von Lieven, an engineer and the last owner of the manor. During the period when the manor housed a sanatorium, this room an X-ray room, but now it has been restored to its former glory that embodies the exquisite style of the manor period with restored antique furniture, majestic wall decorations, luxurious bed linen and a vintage clawfoot bath.

The spaciousness uncharacteristic to hotel rooms makes Paul’s room feel like a whole apartment – it has areas for sleeping, mirroring and dressing, a decently sized table for a meal or writing, as well as modern home appliances, which remind of the existence of the 21st century in this idyllic world 19th century world. The soft carpet and great view outside the window are only some of the wonderful small details that make staying at the room truly pleasant.

The room is well suited for newlyweds, enjoyers of life and SPA, families with children (children’s cots can be placed in the spacious room)