Krimulda manor has a new offer - a visit to the tower

The offer of tourism products for local travelers is quite similar, so delighting not only local but also foreign tourists Krimulda manor starts to offer the opportunity to visit the renovated tower which allows you to delight your eyes and take great photos of the ancient Gauja valley.

Until now, Krimulda manor offered an opportunity to celebrate holidays, mainly weddings, and simply enjoy the surroundings on the 2nd floor balcony, which did not leave anyone indifferent.

However, the manor starts the new tourist season with several new offers:

  • Visit to the tower (for a limited number of people up to 8 people),
  • Romantic table in the tower for special holidays (up to 4 people, with manor wine),
  • Banquet table on the terrace (up to 20 people). Menu offer from local products, support, home producers, etc.

Among other things, existing services remain unchanged:

  • Wedding stops and ceremonies (for a small number of people),

  • Wine tasting,

  • Guided tours,

  • Accommodation,

  • Cafe with a seasonal menu.