Krimulda manor

What is Krimulda manor?

Quality recreation and peace of soul awaits you at the Krimulda manor.

The manor’s fantastic location of in the Gauja National Park offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and indulge in adventures in any season. The area of the manor itself is great for sightseeing – the noble, restored manor, the historic household buildings and the beautiful park create a feeling of a peaceful little town. Nearby, the cable car connects Krimulda and Sigulda across the Gauja river. Many points of interest are located within a radius of a few kilometres – the castles of Turaida and Sigulda, the ski track, the Gutman's Cave, nature trails, sacred springs, excellent cafes and restaurants. Cyclists and motorists can also reach the neighbouring cities, like Ligatne and Cesis, easily. Several days can be spent enjoying interesting activities without leaving the territory of the manor.

The merging of the antique and the modern ensures complete relaxation. Staying at the Krimulda manor, you can enjoy the advantages of the bygone centuries – an invigorating park, the luxurious premises of the manor, antique details and the tranquil passage of time. At the same time, full modern comfort is available – WiFi, quality SPA procedures, excellent wellness centre equipment, as well as extensive entertainment options.

The highly qualified personnel of the health centre perform the SPA and rehabilitation procedures on a truly excellent level. Rehabilitation, treatments and recreation have taken place in the Krimulda manor for about a century now. This succession ensures the attraction of outstanding medical personnel, an in-depth understanding of the environment necessary for recreation and treatment, and a special approach to the client. In Krimulda you will be taken care of by educated and experienced specialists.

Are you tired of the noisy and fast pace of life? Want to treat yourself? Then the peace and quiet, the mossy masonry stones, great old oaks and skilled and welkoming staff of the Krimulda manor invite you. We will make sure that anyone here can rest their body and soul and draw on the power of nature.